There’s Life Beyond Tangerine LaCroix

We take a moment to compare the best LaCroix flavor with its Spindrift counterpart.

Like everyone else on planet Earth, we spent most of the last decade believing that LaCroix was the only seltzer that truly mattered. We had no patience for friends extolling the virtues of Adirondack or Hal's or whatever other 1L nonsense they were digging out of the discount bin at Walgreens. Nothing could compare to the sheer variety of flavors (except coconut, gross) and the so-uncool-it’s-cool aesthetic of the silvery LaCroix can. LaCroix was the stuff of dreams, baby.

But then Spindrift happened.

All of a sudden we realized that perhaps there was life beyond LaCroix, especially when we opened our minds to the idea that our bubbles could make room for a squeeze of juice, even if it meant a few extra calories.

First things first: LaCroix. We’re not here to debate flavors. In our humble opinion, Tangerine simply cannot be beat within the world of LaCroix. It’s bright and citrusy, and actually tastes like a tangerine. Many of the LaCroix flavors are too subtle (e.g., Apricot) or taste nothing like their namesake (looking at you, Berry), but not our friend, Tangerine. Tangerine hits you with a clear, clean punch of on-point aroma. It’s a classic seltzer with soft, balanced carbonation, with zero calories, sugar, and carbs. Plus, it’s completely clear in color -- that’s because it’s flavored with fruit essences. It’s a wonderful treat that has literally no impact on your daily macros.

But, if you can spare a few calories and a gram of sugar, a whole world of tropical citrus flavor opens up with orange-mango Spindrift. Spindrift isn’t a traditional seltzer. For starters, it’s not clear -- it’s a pale orange thanks to the fruit juice that gives the seltzer its flavor. And, instead of relying on smell, aroma, and natural essences, it goes straight for the onions with a splash of real juice. For the amount of flavor it adds, it’s punching way above its weight. It’s an almost-sweet, refreshing twist on seltzer, and it’s truly a game-changer.

TL;DR: if you can add a gram of sugar and a few carbs to your diet, Spindrift is more than worth the trade. If not, you’ll still be happy with tangerine LaCroix!

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