These 100-Calorie Lucky Charms Bars are Important

They just are. Let us explain.

Controversial, we know. Here you are, browsing Gravy and looking for wholesome snacks to support your healthy lifestyle, and right out of the gate we're like, "BUY THIS RAINBOW SUGAR BAR!" But let us explain: coming in at merely 100 calories, these bars scratch that sugary-cereal itch in a very serious way without totally killing your calorie count for the day.

First off -- we'll say it again -- 100 calories! For the sheer amount of joy that you'll get out of eating a bar entirely made of Lucky Charms, that's a lot of bang for your buck. And while ten grams of sugar isn't nothing per se, it's way less than a bowl of Lucky Charms with milk, and can almost be considered "low-sugar" by technical standards (for a food to be considered low-sugar, one serving must contain under ten grams of sugar). And let's just say those ten grams of sugar go far -- these bars are super sweet, and will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths (Teeth? Sweet teeth? Yikes). That being said, our Virtuoso friends might find these to be a little much for their palates, but Captains and Pioneers should be on board for the intensity.

We also need to talk about the texture of these bars; they are crispy and chewy like a Rice Krispie treat, but then they go ahead and up the ante with the wonderful Styrofoam-adjacent mouthfeel of Lucky Charms "marshmallows" (they are so not marshmallows). Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the FROSTING at the bottom of the bar. Lucky Charms PLUS FROSTING. Truly a delight for all of the senses.

Long story short, don't judge a book by its leprechaun rainbow cover. Sure, there are all sorts of wacky chemicals in these bars, and they're definitely not a health food. But having one of these every few weeks has staved off some serious giant-slice-of-cake cravings and helped us stay on track.

Highly recommend!

Buy it here: Lucky Charms Treats at Target