More Chips, Fewer Calories, Lots of Flavor: Chip Math We Can Get Behind

Get more bang for your buck with these Trader Joe’s chips.

For years, we have spent at least ten minutes of every grocery trip in the tortilla chip aisle, scanning the nutritional labels to figure out which bag will let us eat the most chips for the fewest calories with the best flavor. 10 chips for 250 calories -- not worth it. 20 chips for 180 calories, but they’re made with sweet potatoes? Get outta here. We’ll be the first to admit it: it’s… not a great use of time.

But, taco fixings keep making a strong case for a role in nearly every meal we make, and everyone knows that tortilla chips are critical to a balanced diet (shhhhhh), so on we have forged, looking for a chip that hits every note in terms of taste, calories, and sheer quantity.

Incredibly, we think we have finally found our holy grail tortilla chip: Trader Joe's Restaurant-Style White Corn Tortilla Chips.

These bad boys are thicker cut and larger than your average chip, and they feel substantial and less-processed in a way that your typical Tostitos simply doesn’t match. Each chip can withstand a large scoop of guacamole without breaking -- an important feature for any dipping vehicle. They don’t crumble in your mouth or your salsa, and they definitely aren’t thin and crispy. These chips are heavy, crunchy, and generously-sized in the best way possible.

Taste-wise, Trader Joe’s has also hit the nail on the head. They have tons of salty corn flavor with a touch of lime, and they perfectly accentuate whatever you’re eating these with. They taste almost-homemade without any greasy finish.

But, we’ve saved the best for last: somehow, and we still don’t get it, these chips are not only delicious, hearty, and super crunchy, but they are also just 150 calories for 14 chips! 14 chips is a very satisfying portion when you’re enjoying these alongside your daily guacamole habit.

Just try these the next time you’re in the aisles doing your usual *chip math* with a basket full of avocados -- you won’t regret it.